Mission Statement

The W.L. Nolen Mentorship Program (WLNMP) is a grassroots revolutionary organization that has been constructed to provide the people of our communities with an opportunity to connect with and engage the current class and generation of New Afrikan Black Revolutionaries on several fronts.

There are many within our communities who have unfortunately succumbed to an incorrect level of understanding of the New Afrikan Black Liberation Movement as it once was constructed under the tutelage and guidance of such beautiful and courageous New Afrikan Black brothas as W.L. Nolen, William Christmas, James McClain, Cleveland Edwards, Alvin “Sweet Jugs” Miller, Jeffrey “Khatari” Gaulden, Comrade George Jackson and countless others was somehow ended when these brothas were murdered by the fascist goons of this police state!

There is an urgent need for this level of false consciousness to be corrected to accurately reflect the New Afrikan Black Liberation movement as it existed in the ‘60s and ‘70s. It is still being propagated by today’s class of New Afrikan Black Revolutionaries, as predicated upon the continuum of the same ideological struggle of New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalism (NARN). That struggle entails resisting the litany of human rights abuses, such as genocide, that are based upon systemic cultural deprivation and social isolation; torture by way of indefinite solitary confinement; institutional racism; police brutality; arbitrary parole board denials; inadequate food and nutrition; inadequate medical and mental health care; being deprived of our First Amendment freedoms of speech, expression and association; and falsely labeling prisoners as gang members.


The W.L. Nolen Mentorship Program will serve as a medium to negate the level of false consciousness amongst the people by providing the people with a correct understanding of the New Afrikan Black Liberation Movement via the social principles of “Each One Teach One.” This is our communal, cooperative work, where the people will have the opportunity to educate themselves on various issues by corresponding with New Afrikan Black Revolutionaries.

For those individuals who are not familiar with the social concept of “Each One Teach One,” it essentially entails replacing “individualism” with “collectivism,” where the problems of the individual become the problems of the community. By speaking with one voice via our collective struggles of unified activity that is geared towards finding and developing community-based solutions, we will protect the health of our communities.

Hence, participants of the WLNMP are encouraged to discuss and write about any personal issue that they may need mentorship with, as we New Afrikan Black Revolutionaries can provide tutelage and guidance in the following areas:

1) violence prevention and intervention;
2) developing critical thinking skills;
3) cultural tolerance and sensitivity;
4) revolutionary guidance for youth;
5) support for single mothas;
6) economic empowerment;
7) how to overcome alcohol and drug addiction;
8) domestic violence conflict resolution;
9) avoiding negative peer pressure; and
10) providing tools to help develop community responsibility and awareness.

A study guide will be provided to the people as a part of the WLNMP so the people will have the opportunity to raise their level of understanding of the New Afrikan Black Liberation movement as it is presently constructed in today’s slave kamps (prisons) to thus uproot the materialism of false consciousness amongst the people.

The issue of being right or wrong, as it pertains to the material in the study guide, is of no real significance, as freedom is a constant struggle!

But it is imperative to understand, that the WLNMP can only be sustained by each correspondent being willing to donate and contribute stamps and writing paper as a part of their participation and correspondence, as this is the only way that communication can be maintained.

And on that note, all power to the people who do not fear real freedom!

Educate to Liberate!

Kijana Tashiri Askari